4. September 2018


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Familiar – Nazlı Pektaş

Şakir Gökçebağ part deciphers, part conceals the mundane images of industrial production in a circulation that treads from the local to the universal. The objects Gökçebağ selects for his artistic production are beyond being objects of use and ready-made, … read more

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Öykü Özsoy in conversation with Şakir Gökçebağ

ÖYKÜ ÖZSOY (ÖÖ) In some of your works, you distort the original function of everyday ordinary objects such as shoes, brooms, umbrellas, and coat hangers, and reinterpret and rearrange them. Through this strongly humorous artistic attitude, which also makes reference to Marcel Duchamp’s ready-mades in terms of the materials you use, … read more

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Form Follows Function Follows Form – Thomas Niemeyer 

The artistic exploration of the everyday often generates a strangely detached view of the imageof the normality of the world we live in. On the other hand, practically all objects of utility are designed and add an aesthetic dimension to life. The images generated by Şakir Gökçebağ’s art are also derived from the forms and materials of everyday objects.  … read more

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Reorientation – Barbara Auer

There can be no question that Şakir Gökçebağ is both a master of defamiliarizationand a great admirer of the ornament. He opens our eyes and challenges us to look atbanal everyday objects normally receiving scant attentionfrom new angles and above all under the magnifying glass. The materials he uses include  … read more

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Brella & Et Cetera / Brella @ CeteraBettina Schönfelder

In 2016, Şakir Gökçebağ displayed material images, floor installations and objects at Kunstverein Pforzheimcombiningstructural and ornamental aspects with humorous lightness and great precisionunder the title ‘Brella & Et Cetera’. The artist, who was born in Turkey and has lived in Hamburg for many years, operates with consummate skill between different artistic traditions,  … read more

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In the minds of thingsMichael Glasmeier 

When the bottom is excised from a hardware store’s ordinary black plastic bucket and a precisely cut piece from an Oriental rug is substituted as an element, this creates a hybrid object of a special kind. Here, it could be said, two extremely different materials – common plastic and a rug that always appears festive and precious – are combined with each other. We might start thinking about  … read more

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The Poetry of the Commonplace in the Absurdity of Daily Life – Marcus Graf

In his works, Şakir Gökçebağ deconstructs many different dimensions of our everyday world in order to reveal its complexity and the plural particles of reality that result from this. The artist, who was born in Turkey in 1965 and today lives in Hamburg, initially studied … read more


A (Garden) Snake Charmer
or about the absurd lightness of objects in the artof Şakir Gokcebağ – Marta Smolinska

THE WORK of the Turkish artist Şakir Gokcebağ is marked by an unique sense of humour, joy of life and a skilful presentation of the absurdity of objects of everyday use. This character of his oeuvre is on the one hand part and parcel of the idiosyncrasy of contemporary Turkish art in general, and on the other hand stands out of this art because of an absence of overt political undertones.  … read more


Schönheit und Vergänglichkeit – Dr. Margret Schütte

Şakir Gökçebağ wählte in Anlehnung an Pablo Picasso den Leitspruch „Das Geheimnis der Kunst liegt darin, dass man nicht sucht, sondern findet.“ Oft genug als ein Beleg unter vielen für Pablo Picassos ausgeprägtes Selbstbewusstsein angeführt, gibt Gökçebağ den Worten ihren eigentlichen Sinn zurück.  … read more

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Releasing the Magic in the Mundane – Belinda Grace Gardner

Time is a clock without hands. Georges Hugnet(1)
An object arouses the supposition that there are others behind it… René Magritte(2)

In 1996 time temporally altered its customary calibration at the Düsseldorf Art Academy. Sakir Gökcebag, then holding a scholarship at the Academy, transposed the wall clock … read more

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